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Welcome to Vereeniging Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Vereeniging was chartered in 1944, at the end of the second world war. A Group of local business men, who had not been conscripted into the war effort, decided that there was a great need amongst the people of Vereeniging and with the guidance of Rotary International and their local District Governor charted a Rotary Club, with Allen Snijman as its first president.

With the help of local businesses and the general public, the club prospered, making a huge difference to many people in the area. There have been difficult times, but with perseverance and a belief in what they were accomplishing, the club has withstood all adversity.

Our club has a very dynamic Rotary Anns Club as well as an Interact Club that does independent community work but ultimately functions within our parameters.

In order to address the growing need for assistance in the Vaal Triangle, during the course of its 74 years, the Rotary Club of Vereeniging chartered additional clubs in the adjoining towns which soon flourished and grew. Currently there are four active clubs in the area.

Rotary is a family of volunteers dedicated to community service and who have to be totally committed in order to successfully do their charitable work. Fund raising plays an important role and necessitates strategies to generate interest in our work amongst local businesses and the general public, without whose assistance the work could never be accomplished. It is also imperative to have successful, ongoing projects which carry the burden of the financial obligations of the club. During the course of over 73 years of service, the club has had many such fundraisers e.g.

  • The Annual Cycle Tour to Durban
  • The Billboard Project
  • The Marshalling of the Value Logistics Fast One Cycle Race
  • A Wine tasting evening

Our club has also been blessed by ongoing, generous donations from businesses.

As a result of the above ongoing and additional active fundraising, the club has been in a position to distribute medical help, food, clothing, educational equipment, and general assistance to numerous organizations and individuals in need. We also sponsor at least one puppy annually for the SA Guidedogs Association and donate regularly to the International Polio fund. We donate monthly towards the Lifeline Rape Victim Packs. Christmas Dinners and Badplaas holidays for elderly citizens have also featured regularly in our annual calendar. We also support the Short Term Exchange Student Program for local teenagers.

Fellowship plays an important part in our annual program in order to generate happiness and team work amongst our members. There is at least one social function every couple of months.

We have two evening meetings a month. One at The Pentahouse on the second Tuesday evening, and on the last Tuesday evening at Three Rivers Lodge.

Finally, The Rotary Club of Vereeniging has, over the years evolved into a more informal club with the belief that it can attract younger people into our midst. We believe that they could initiate more adventurous and innovative projects which would ultimately generate more interest and enthusiasm amongst the public, who form an integral part in a well-run Rotary Club. We will however welcome any candidate who could happily integrate into our organization.

The Club has proudly provided 3 members that became District Governors

  • W H S Liebenberg 1963/64
  • A C Chase 1986/87
  • T Nienaber 2008/09

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